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Unlimited Funding Of Accounts Receivable - Up To 100% Advance

What Information do I need to apply for Contract Financing?

  • Completed Application

  • Last three largest completed project profiles

  • Project Profiles for contracts to be financed (no more than 30% completion)

  • Last 3 years Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet-Accrual Basis)

  • Current Interim Financial Statement (Income Statement and Balance Sheet-Accrual Basis)

  • Current Accounts Receivable Aging and Retainage Aging

  • Current Account Payable Aging

  • Debt Schedule (Include Off Balance Sheet arrangements – Leases, Rentals, etc)

  • Work Pipeline 

How Long Does it take to receive a Proposal (Pre-Approval)?

  • From the moment all of the information above is presented, it will take 24 to 72 hours to issue a proposal (Pre-Approval).

What is a Proposal (Pre-Approval)?

  • A proposal (Pre-approval) means that the company has been evaluated and we are 90% sure that the facility line extended is accurate. All we need to do is the final due diligence; to confirm that information presented by client is accurate and correct. The Technical underwriting is not done at this phase, therefore, if for any reason a project or owner is not approved, we will just have to move on to the next project—the crucial thing here is that the company is approved financially and that the projects are viable. 

How many projects can we finance at one point through this facility?

  • We can finance multiple, on going projects, as long as their completion percentage is not greater than 30%.  We can finance all new projects.  

Does this facility pay off existing Credit Facilities?

  • Yes, we can pay off your existing credit facilities with a bank or any other financial group.


How long does it takes for Final Underwriting, Documentation and Funding?

  • From the moment the proposal, application and underwriting, and additional information required for final underwriting is received, it will take approximately three weeks for final due diligence, technical underwriting, and documentation and funding.


Revolving Working Capital Facilities (Accounts Receivable Financing):

  • CFM also has the capability of offering Revolving Working Capital Facilities for all final billing transactions—in all industries—including medical receivables to Medicare, Medicaid and Fortune 500 Insurance Companies. In some cases, we are even able to do a hybrid, Contract Financing and a Revolving Working Capital Line (Accounts Receivable as collateral) with the same cost as the Contract Financing Facility.

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