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  • CFM has become one of the few providers of contract financing (progressive billing financing) for small and middle size construction and related industry contractors. Currently, this revolving credit line is provided by an embedded facility entitled the Contract Financing Facility. 


  • The Contract Financing Facility is not Factoring, we do not purchase your invoice(s) at a discount, we do however, use the accounts’ receivables as collateral.  Additionally, we do not engage your General Contractor or Project Owner(s) as in the case of factoring. We would rather consider ourselves your investment partner rather than the managing entity.


  • The Contract Financing Facility can be used on both Public and Privately owned projects.


  • The Contract Financing Facility can be used for Bonded and Non-Bonded Projects.


  • The Contract Financing Facility supports both Sub-Contractors and General Contractors.


  • The Contract Financing Facility is underwritten in house: Financially and Technically


  • Technical underwriting for project and project owner is done by a Third Party Engineering Company.


  • The Contract Financing Facility is monitored by specific project use and by product design, and does not allow the client to be in default.


  • In addition to regular cash flow, funds can be used for pass through stored materials and equipment specifically being used for that project.


  • The Contract Financing Facility may be used only for the time needed.  There is no obligation to use minimum amounts or for a specific time period.


Download Finance Application Packet.

Send Completed Packet To:


What is Contract Financing?  

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